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IRS Audit Representation


Are you having a dispute with – or do you feel you are being unjustifiably targeted by – the IRS? Don’t go through this daunting and unnerving experience alone! Allow our IRS-trained tax professionals of many years’ experience (all of them Enrolled Agents) to “chaperone” you in your audit meetings with Uncle Sam’s agents, and we will ensure that they "play nice" and treat you with fairness. In the process, we will also take the time to uncover all possible deductions and tax credits that you are entitled to, thereby helping to reduce any tax liability the IRS auditors might come up with – or increase any refund that might be due you.

And oh by the way, if you have – through no fault of yours, no doubt – fallen afoul of the tax laws (by maybe missing a return or two in the past, for instance), we can help get those late returns prepared and filed so you can become current and compliant, thereby forestalling any IRS enforcement action (or stopping it if one has already started). 

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Tax Planning & Return Preparation

Do you know what your tax bracket is? With the nation in so much debt, do you think tax rates are going to down any time soon? The experts don’t think so, and it is important for you to know where you will fall when tax rates go up. Not knowing – so you can take effective tax planning measures, which are perfectly legal, by the way – could prove very costly to you.

AAKOBB Financial Services, we can help you figure out just how much of your hard-earned dollars is going into Uncle Sam’s deep pockets and what steps you can legally take to minimize that. And like it or not, today's tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple tax return can be very confusing and extremely costly. Therefore, whether you’re an individual seeking better tax return preparation services to maximize your deductions and credits, or you’re a small business/small business-owner seeking to take maximum advantage of the numerous breaks in the federal tax code (that are often confusing and seemingly impossible to understand), you’re better off letting our IRS-trained tax professionals give you a helping hand. 

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phone, send us an email, or come see us in the office with any tax questions you have; you will be glad you did.  

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